“Curry without worry”


Poverty has a long shadow in Kathmandu. People struggle every day to get one or two dollars. In the city, the roads are in extremely poor condition. It is easy to see people on the streets begging for money while their children sleep on the floor. A dollar in Kathmandu can be the difference between going to bed with something or nothing in your stomach.

Nepal remains one of the poorest countries in the world. The Human Development Report 2013 released by the UN this March ranks Nepal 157th among 187 countries surveyed. Only Afghanistan at 175 ranks below among all South Asian countries.

Many people in Kathmandu are hungry, and it is common to be asked for food while you walk around the city. “Curry Without Worry” (CWW) is an organization that was founded with the aim to provide food to poor people. It is not only in San Francisco, USA, (where Curry Without Worry is well known) but also in Kathmandu, Nepal. Every Tuesday behind the Paropakar Orphanage, a group of 8 to 10 people get together to prepare the food. Everyone involved is a volunteer. The aim: providing food to more than 350 people who live under inhuman conditions. Providing the food has a cost of not more than USD 250.

In Durbar Square, every Tuesday around 18:00, a line of more than 300 hungry people are waiting for the CWW team to come with the food. Women and children are given priority and are the first to receive food. The meals are served on banana leaf plates, and the people all sit in an open courtyard of the historical palace so everyone has a space to enjoy the hot and nutritious meal.

Dorji Sherpa, a well experienced travel trade professional who worked in the aviation industry, is the Secretary of CWW. Every Tuesday he manages and monitors the provision of food to the “hungry souls” as they usually call the poor people. The work he and his committee members are doing along with the CWW volunteers is amazing. Dorji is also the Chairman of SKY Memorial Foundation, an organization that supports education, agriculture and the public health of remote Shikharpur village.

CWW is an amazing project. With few resources, they have been feeding the hungry for two years. It is the one and only organization that serves free meals in Kathmandu. If you are in position where you can donate money (a small contribution can make a big difference) or volunteer, please consider contacting this organization. CURRY WITHOUT WORRY- KATHMANDU NEPAL.

You may call at this number 98510 18820.

By Andy VC

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