a chinese experience


China is one of the best destinations. It offers outstanding natural scenarios, fascinating history and incredible people. It is a great destination for both, experienced and inexperienced travellers. An easy place to travel around.

China is still a cheap travel destination. However, that can change very soon. Some places can be extremely expensive, but if you organice a little bit your trip, that should not be a problem. This trip took place around the following cities: Dali, Daocheng, Ganzi, Jinchang, Lijiang, Shuhe, Linxia, Litang, Shangri La, Tagong, Xining, Yángshuo.

China is a great place for getting some money while traveling. ej. If you are a musician try to play in Shuhe or Lijiang (great music scenes). Also try to basking in Yángshuo. It is also very easy to get some work teaching english.

If what you want is to visit Tibet, but you do not have the money to afford it, visit the border of Tibet in the Sichuan,  Gansu, Qinghai or Xinjiang provinces, which will offer a full Tibetan experience for those who are travelling on a low budged.

Try to learn some Chinese. Once you start speaking some basic Chinese, you will notice how differently people will treat you. There is nothing better for Chinese than hearing a foreigner speaking their language. Avoid to use the Lonely Planet, which will take you only to the most touristic places. Try to visit small villages and the countryside. At the beginning Chinese are not too welcoming, but give them a chance! they are really curious people and will help you on any problem you can have.

The transportation in China usually is amazing. Try to take trains rather than buses. Be prepare to spend many hours sitting in a wagon. Some Chinese will staring at you, do not get stress and be patient… And please! eat local food!

Written by Andy VC

“Made in the Earth!”

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