The mast of Musafir

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“I’m a rebel, a rebel soul. 
I’m a capturer, and adventurer soul. See the morning sun,
on the hillside
not living good, travel wide…”

We are a group of experienced travellers determined to find alternative ways to travel. We have been, walking, biking, hitchhiking, taking trains and planes, yet now is the time to sail around the world. We have a common characteristic: curiosity.

The Musafir crew comes from various backgrounds, and all met spontaneously on the road. They include: medical doctors, lawyers, professional fishermen, experts in organic agriculture, hydrologists, teachers, architects, marine biologists, anthropologists, photographers, film makers and clowns. Our common interest is to learn, through travelling, about the world we live in with the understanding that doing good for others is still the most rewarding aspect of life.

The Musafir corner stones are the following:

– It is not a business.

– It is not for sale.

– It is made for both travelling and developing projects in rural areas.

– There are no salaries or economic benefits for individuals. All money invested in the project is considered as a donation.


“… I’m a living man
I’ve got work to do.
If you’re not happy, then you must be blue…”

The Musafir is an initiative that was born in a small fishermen village in Kenya, Kipini. It is also the name of the “dhow,” a traditional Swahili boat, of 70 ft. (21mtrs) long, with a lateen sail and a capacity of 100 tons. Musafir is the Arabic, Persian, Hindi and Urdu word for a traveller, as well as the Romanian word for guest.

The construction of the Musafir has not only created temporary and some permanent employments, but has noticeably brought economic growth within the Kipini village itself due to the investment in the project thus far.

The Musafir is a tool available for everyone: travelers and non-travelers. It is a project that aims to expand acknowledgement and skills in a rewarding life style that will benefit not only directly, but also indirectly people who will be in contact with the project. The boat is a place for individual and collective inspiration.

The Musafir will move freely in the oceans in harmony with nature. The crew will be able to reach rural settlements and to implement social projects that will benefit local communities.


You can’t ask for money from others if you are not willing to stand up for the project and personally invest in it. We already have invested about 140.000 USD on getting the biggest and toughest part of the boat done. However, we need some extra funding to build the deck and the necessary equipment to become sea worthy.

The goal of 35.000 USD will be used to acquire the following items: VHF radio, 2 safety rafts (we’ve already gotten one donated thanks to Vito Rodo), a GPS navigation device and a fish finder, 4 solar panels, solar batteries, an inverter, life jackets, anchors, ropes/lines, chains and finally a marine engine with a shaft and a propeller.

In order to reduce cost we are going to buy some of the above items second hand. Even though we are predominantly going to sail, the engine will be exclusively used in port approaching or emergency situations.


We ask you to believe in the Musafir project and to make a donation. Even the smallest is precious for us.

We need the contribution of everyone: those who love sailing, traveling, dreaming and are socially engaged. Those who think we are crazy but still believe that we will make it happen.

We need the support from YOU! Who can give prominence to the project and spread it.

We need donations from our relatives, our friends and colleagues because they are the guarantee that we will make the Musafir a great example of a simple life, lived with dignity!

If you want more information about the project, please visit Musafir website

Do not miss the crowdfunding initiative with the video of how Musafir was launched to the Tana river!

Below you will find the pictures of project!

Written by: Andy VC

“Made in the Earth!”

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