Sax player in Dharamsala


Traveling is a good time to look for inspiration. It is a moment to come up with new ideas and projects. From musicians to acrobats, it’s hard not to run into different kind of artists on the road.

I met Björn in India, in a town called Dharamsala. He’s from Sweden. He has been playing saxophone since he was ten years old. After finishing music school, he decided to hit the road looking for new ideas and get to know different kind of music styles.

In India, he not only found a new and incredible music culture, but also fantastic places to practice and to give himself completely to music.

“Traveling is just the way I found to get some fresh air and come up with that sound that makes people move,” Björn said.

I had the chance to join him practicing a couple of days. He led me to places he had found fascinating, not only for the acoustics that forests or rivers can offer, but also for the surrounding nature. After playing for a few hours, we came out of the forest into the town and people on the way thanked Björn for his music.

Some locals where amazed by the saxophone. Their eyes opened and they smiled as soon as he started playing melodic and vibrant songs.

Playing next to rivers or in empty buildings – in new and different places while traveling – is an amazing experience. The Indian audience here is a great reason to play for hours and hours. They seem to simply enjoy every musical note and jazzy expression that only a saxophone player can have

Björn is currently a member of Partiet, a reggae band based in Sweden.

Written by: Andy VC

“Made in the Earth”


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